Tania She «Ночная» (Single, 2022)

Tania She — music and lyrics
Alexey Starodubtsev — mixing, arrangement, keyboards, back vocals
Petr Mikheev — drums

Mastering — Roman Tulzhenko
Серебром луна
Снова здравствуй, моя тень, игра
Что сегодня?
Закрываю веки, разум я
И вдыхаю

Заколола, зазвенела тишина
Задержав секунды, прыгаю в туман
Холодно в прыжке — и горячий пряный воздух

Засыпая каждый день, мой друг,
Я прощаю себя
Мне так больно каждый день, мой друг,

Что, если уйдёшь раньше ты меня
Вижу я твои морщинки в уголках
Вижу я тебя, маленький малыш, маленький старик

Снова здравствуй, это я, мой друг,
Три столетья прошло
До свиданья,
Мы уходим, друг,
Не успели
Может, снова?
Да, конечно

До свиданья
До свиданья
До свиданья
Tania She «Something» (Single, 2021)

Tania She — music and lyrics
Alexey Starodubtsev — arrangement, keyboards, guitars, back vocals
Petr Mikheev — drums
Dmitry Kolesov — electric guitars
Andrey Ruzniaev — bass
Mixing, mastering — Roman Tulzhenko
Something in your smile
Was so familiar to me
That we could hold our hands not asking how and why
Something in your eyes
Was so free
That I could close my eyes, make a step
And now I know you’ll pick me up

Something from your energy
Lets my heart feel
That everything in me is so complete
And I am real

Oh I pray
Oh I pray I never will regret a single day
‘Cause the day we knew each other was a blessing
And I know with this happiness inside
Doesn’t matter you’re not mine
This smile means to me more than any wealth

Tania She «Cherry Brother» (Single, 2021)

Tania She — music and lyrics
Alexey Starodubtsev — arrangement, guitars
Roman Vertiagin — double bass
Evgeny Altudin — accordeon
Valentina Okuneva — cello
Mixing, mastering — Ilya Izotov
I’m so confused, my Cherry Brother
This is the first time I try
To tell the things I'd want to tell you
They’re so fragile

We met in time and gave each other
The missing keys to the locked doors
I’ll never try to reach and solve you
That’s not the point

You were the heat, embracing hand
You were my guide
So I thank you
And I hug you
Let me tell you how I love you
You are the gift
I bless you

IIIX «Anatnas» (Single, 2021)

Tania She — vocals and melody
Producer — Shlomi Levy, hoTei Records, Israel
Le'Gram «Arabesque» (Single, 2021)

Tania She — vocals and melody
Producer and music — Le'Gram, Russia
Omri Tayri «Telabakatu» (Single, 2022)

Tania She — vocals and melody
Producer and music — Omri Tayri, Israel
Tania She «Carabi» (Single, 2016)

Tania She — vocals and percussion
Marimba Plus «New Heart» (Album, 2016)

Lev Slepner — composer, marimba, percussion, piano
Tatiana Shishkova — vocals, keyboards, percussion, lyrics
Sergey Nankin — clarinet, bassethorn, vocals, lyrics
Michael Zuyev — saxophone, keyboards
Yulia Malikova — trumpet, flugelhorn
Evgeniy Yarin — bass guitars
Artem Fetisov — drums
Special guest:
Alex Glushkov — guitar

Recorded at Vladimir Osinsky studio
Recording engineers: Ilya Kononov, Valentin Osinsky and Evgeny Shevchuk
Recording assistant — Nikita Belykh
Mixing — Ilya Kononov
Mastering — Valentin Osinsky, Vladimir Osinsky
Producer — Tabriz Shakhidi
Artwork — Anna Karpova, Dmitry Geller
Marimba Plus «Flight Over The World» (Album, 2012)

Lev Slepner — composer, marimba, percussion
Tatiana Shishkova — vocals, palmas, samba whistle, lyrics
Sergey Nankin — clarinet, bassethorn, bass clarinet, vocals
Timur Nekrasov — saxophones (soprano, tenor, baritone)
Evgeny Lebedev — piano, keyboards, accordion
Evgeniy Yarin — bass guitars
Alexander Kulkov — drums
Special guests:
Vladislav Okunev — percussion (1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8)
Gennady Lavrentiev — tabla, violin, parant (2)
Ivan Antonov — acoustic guitar (5)
Marian Kaldadaru — toba (6)
Roman Agapov — guitar (7)
Iliya Dvoretskiy — flute (8)
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